Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fuzzy Math -- trying to make math more "interesting"

Here is another "public comment to the national math panel" from yet another college professor and author, J. Martin Rochester, Ph. D.

In his letter, Professor Rochester states the following:

"Fuzzy math . . . has been driven by the same constructivist paradigm and same dumbing-down, populist impulses that gave us the now discredited "whole-language" pedagogy in English. That is, in place of the old maxim 'no pain, no gain,' we now have the new maxim in K-12, 'if it ain't fun, it can't be done.' Under the guise of 'critical thinking' and 'problem solving,' which are ubiquitous buzzwords in every discipline in today's schools, fuzzy math is trying to make math more 'interesting'. . . . The new math deemphasizes and devalues direct instruction, drill and practice, basic computation skills, and getting it right -- getting precise, correct answers. Forget rigor -- the key concern here is to alleviate bordom and drudgery for mathphobes and those who suffer from math anxiety."
Dr. Rochester's letter, short but dead on, is must reading!!!


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