Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Started

First things first. Let's get this out in the open. I'm new at this -- blogging that is.

But, I'm not new to teaching. And I'm not new to teaching Math. And I'm not new to children being frustrated and scared of Math. But I can tell right now, that it's going to be very different trying to help them by way of "keyboarding" rather than by "words, chalkboard, paper, counting sticks, pie pieces, manipulatives, etc." And yet I will be doing just that. At least I'm going to try to do just that.

Second, I know that I can help children lose their fear of Math in just a couple of days, maybe two weeks at most, if given a chance. The challenge will not be to help them. The challenge will be to take what I've learned in ways of helping and transfer that to the keyboard so that it comes out to "you out there." But I'm not afraid to try this unknown because I've seen fear and tears in children, become smiles, even exhilaration and exuberance, and helping them is in my bones! It may take some trial and error, but I'm willing to try. So come on in, be willing to grab a handful of pennies, or craft sticks, or whatever you may have handy and let's help kids.

Third, I'm going to aim this blog at the intermediate math student primarily because that's what I teach and that's where I see math and kids together. I'm a fifth grade teacher presently, although I've taught primary grades and tutored many middle school students in math. If your student is in 4-6 grades and struggling with math procedures or concepts, that's who I'm looking to help.

I pledge you my best as I try to balance teaching during the daytime and entering the blog world in the evenings. Be patient as I try to get this blog started and sort of get my balance. I feel, right now at least, that I'm looking at a huge, huge map and I'm trying to find a few grid lines so I can get my bearings. But the thought just came to me -- that's just what children are doing today, and if I can help them find their own "longitude and latitude lines", I know that will make them smile and that will make my day.


Anonymous said...

Hi and welcome. I'm a newbie to blogging as well, with three years teaching sixth grade math and 1 year coaching K-8. My blog is When Galaxies Collide
and the focus there is on changing the structure of public ed.

My reasons for doing this are many but foremost among them is the belief that this is a giant water coooler where teachers and parents and students can share there thoughts in ways that never happen in our professional settings.

Teachers work in a strange place, never alone, never together and never heard. I hope this gives you a community. I know that my meager efforts to date have given me one.

Concerned Teacher said...

Thank you, paul b. for the encouragement. Right now, it's sort of seems that I am feeling my way in the dark. But I think my eyes see a sliver of light beckoning me to come on farther. If I can help one or two students or families in the process, it will be worth it.

Steve McCrea, Independent Educator said... I found this article to support many of your observations. I intend to connect your blog to my blog and recommend that parents look at your posts. Bravo.

Jefffffff said...

ver nyce lik math ver much.