Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dancing in South Carolina

This story and video are probably going to surprise many, many readers from around the country. But if you are aware of the addition of the curriculum Everyday Mathematics into schools around the country, you need to take this seriously. AND IF YOU ARE FROM SOUTH CAROLINA, WATCH CAREFULLY. THIS IS HAPPENING IN YOUR STATE.

Is this really the best method they can think of for teaching "sequence" to children?

Go here to read the story.

In reading the comments at the bottom of this article, you get the idea of the embarrassment of the citizens of S.C. Considering that 50% of the students in S.C. drop out of school before graduating, you can understand their frustration that their tax money is paying for this kind of teacher training.

And you also see an example of a "brainwashed" teacher who actually believes that
Everyday Mathematics raises the bar over other curricula. Any other curricula, according to her, is sub par. She obviously has no idea that college professors have been speaking out strongly for years against using these and other "new math" books.

(The teacher makes it clear that the "dance" number and song aren't actually a part of
Everyday Mathematics curriculum -- it's something teachers from all across the country use to teach "sequence".)

Here is another report of this same story.


Parentalcation said...

I escaped South Carolina just in time I guess.

Anchorage has adopted Everyday Math, but luckily my kids school is implementing it progressively with this years cohort of 1st graders.

My kids fifth grade teacher said he is hoping it is abandoned before it reaches him.