Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Fuzzy Math" Faces Revolt in Texas

Because I teach in a private school, this all slipped right past me! I've just discovered that my own state had at one time adopted a "fuzzy math" curriculum, Everyday Mathematics.

I am so proud of the Texas state school board. They have responded to the complaints of many people in a number of school districts, and they have dropped that curriculum. Thank you, Terri Leo and others on the board for listening to parents, teachers, and district board members.

Go here to read the story. Be sure to scroll down and read the letters from parents at the bottom. Thank you Elizabeth Carson for letting us all know who Jesse Arnett is and why he writes with such strong support of Everyday Math.

Here is the story at Edwatch. Scroll through this page because there is so much linked here.


Anonymous said...

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